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Launching the Future of Higher Education

The challenge

To help frontline workers keep their education on track while universities were grappling with shutdowns, launched a scholarship program that awarded them with free college courses. With the news full of feel-good stories related to the pandemic, the company needed a way to differentiate the offering so that the message got through to its intended audience.

The Process

To get the scholarship as much exposure as possible, we determined that television would be our strongest medium to reach a mass audience. We aimed for a national TV giveaway that would both directly reach intended recipients and provide broad, national exposure.

Haymaker is the best PR agency I've ever worked with. They were instrumental in helping to build and grow the brand."

Aaron Rasmussen

Cofounder of MasterClass, Founder & CEO of

The Result

We landed a national TV segment with CBS’ Let’s Make a Deal game show hosted by Wayne Brady. With their entire audience filled with frontline workers, we engineered a giveaway where everyone in the audience received the scholarship. In the meantime, the scholarship program and’s brand gained immediate, positive exposure to viewers across the country.

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